Fwd: A/C Retro Fit?

Joseph VanZeipel vanz9646 at uidaho.edu
Tue Jun 18 21:30:13 EDT 2002

When my A/C system went south last summer (during a heat wave) I paid a
pretty penny for a R134a system, replacing just about everything in my
old R12 system (dryer, compressor, evaporator, ect) for just under $950.

I would advise to replace the dryer as some preventative maintenance, as
well as making sure the seals, hoses, ect. are all still good.  It will
certainly be less expensive than buying another compressor during July.

200q20v 122k

On Tuesday, June 18, 2002, at 05:02 PM, Jobe Tichy wrote:

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> Has anyone installed the A/C retrofit to R134A kit from Blau (or other
> source)?  It's super cheap and apparently comes with instructions for
> Audi
> installs.  I think it is that time to do something--either buck up for
> R12 or
> upgrade????
> Anyway, my concern is that Blau states that the dryer "may" need to be
> replaced.  My question is whether anyone can confirm whether it
> does/does not
> need to be replaced.  Does it depend on the condition of my particular
> dryer?
> Is it something necessary regardless, for a clean upgrade?  Any help
> would be
> great--I know nothing about A/C other than it's gonna be needed SOON!
> '91 200tq 20v
> '84 BMW 318i (modified)

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