Infamous Radiator Flange Failure

Dale McCormack Dale at
Sat Jun 22 22:55:27 EDT 2002

Well it happened to my wife's 20v this AM w/125K.  No warning, simply
detachment of the upper hose w/partial flange attached and the radiator
and remaining part of flange.  Reattached the hose to the remaining inch
or so of plastic, refilled the cooling system (H20 only) and limped
home.  No failure.   An identical problem happened to my other Type 44
1.5 years ago.

It appear fatigues where the hose clamp attaches and failure is
inevitable.  Now to search for the current "best fix".

If your 20v is over 100K, radiator should be on the "to do" list.
 Convenient failure can't be planned upon.

Happy motoring,


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