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<< Can someone help me out with a quick question? where is the voltage
regulator located? and what are the symptoms of one going out?

Perhaps it would be better for you to tell us what symptoms you are
experiencing and get more pertinent info. specific to your needs...Anyway,
the following might be helpful...

The voltage regulator is located inside the alternator...it is replaceable as
a separate unit...prices range from $12 to $80 depending where you purchase
it and if you get an OEM part or an aftermarket unit.  The symptoms could be
But are not limited to...dash warning light coming on at low RPMs, no
charging, low charging, overcharging...if you take the alternator off for the
replacement of such you may want to just get it (alternator) rebuilt at a
local shop so you don't end up removing, installing, removing...Also, I have
seen alternator (rebuilt, perhaps new) for around $130 dollars locally and
via mail order so you might want to just replace it altogether.

Make sure your battery is in good shape and not the cause of the electrical
malfunctions first...load test battery, voltage check at rest (engine not
running)...Also, a short in the wiring harness can cause strange symptoms and
electrical anomalies...

Once again, you may want to tell us "your Audi's symptoms" so we can be more

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