[s-cars] To RS2 or Not? (longish)

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A k24 with stage 1+ is a nice setup.  I ran this for a few years, and
delayed going to the RS2 setup because of the exact same apprehensions you
are having.
Having been through it, I can tell you that going to RS2 is an upgrade you
will never regret.  My brother now has stage 1+ in his s4, so I have the
opportunity to drive both back-to-back.

1) You are correct, but the butt dyno tells me the crossover is a few
hundred RPMs lower, maybe 3200-3300 instead of 3,500.
2) You are probably correct about spending a majority of your time below
3,200 RPM.   95%, I don't know.  But the reason you post to these lists and
are    considering the upgrade is that you get a real buzz out the other 5%.
With the RS2, the 5% will be A LOT more fun.
3) Driving the RS2 on a daily basis, you reach a point where you are
convinced you have lost nothing in terms of low end, and have gained a ton
in the upper RPM range.   It is only when you drive the cars back-to-back do
you realize that you have given up low end.   What happens is that over the
course of a few days or weeks, you unconsciously adjust your driving style
to compensate for the missing torque.
4)  The RS2 is still a comparitively small turbo.   Put it next to a T4 or a
T3/T4 hybrid and you'll physically see how small it still is.

My brother and I recently switched cars for a week. On Day 1 I was impressed
by the low end torque of the k24.  It was a nice drive.   By the end of the
week, I badly missed the upper rpm pull of the rs2 and could not wait to get
my car back.

my 02.


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To RS2 or not to RS2, that is the question. . . .

Over the course of the past few years I've been carefully upgrading my
'91 200 20v tqa so it would be ready for an RS2 conversion.  Among other
things, I did the suspension; the brakes, added a custom mandrel bent
exhaust, and the IA Stage III+ ECU.  I've also contacted a good friend
in the fatherland and have obtained fantastic RS2 pricing.  Now that
order day is upon me, I'm having second thoughts.  Why?  95% of the time
I live between 2200 and 3200 rpm.  I did a bit of charting this weekend
using Jeremy Williams IA Chipped '91 200 TQ Dynograph that's posted on
the S-Car list Yahoo site (files/jeremy_audi.jpg) and RS2 Dynograph
that's also on the S-Car list Yahoo site ( Photos/RS2-UrS4 DynaPack)
 From these two graphs, here's what I've *estimated*

Torque:    RPM/K24/RS2

Torque conclusion: the K24 hammers the RS2 until about 3500, then the
contest is over.

HP:          RPM/K24/RS2

HP conclusion:  the K24 hammers the RS2 until about 3500, then the
contest is over.

Query:  Is it fair to say that the K24 outperforms the RS2 until
3500rpm?  If so, I'm not sure I want to RS2.   Number don't always tell
the whole story, so I'm looking for lots of input from you RS2 guys.
 TIA for your help and collective wisdom,

Greg J

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