rear rotor suggestions

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Tue Nov 5 22:00:06 EST 2002

RE: Porterfield pads, two sources I know of are Speedware Motorsports &
Porterfield direct .  I've purchased my
sets direct, and have been extremely satisfied with their street compound,
R-4S - they have full bite when cold, are long lasting, and are very
rotor-friendly.  I recommend them highly.

FYI - Porterfield states the R-4S compound is "Street High-performance &
Limited Competition", which sounds like they would work for track days.
However, I wore one set out completely in 3 sessions in a single track day.
What remained looked like meteorite.  Since then, I have used their
competition compound, R-4 (front & rear), which have incredible stopping
power once warmed up, and seem to last long for a track pad.  They will wear
very quickly on the street, so I recommend installation at the track if

David Brill
Hillsboro, OR
'91 200q20v Lago Avant, 140k

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<snip> Also, I am gonna put on stainless lines (fronts are already
stainless) and Pagid or Porterfield hi-performance street compound. Where
have you all found these for our car. I have checked the usual
suspects...2Bennett and Blau.

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