Fambly Album Screen Size Issues

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This is more of a computer topic than Audi, so
reply offline if you prefer.

You referred to the "virtual desktop" size vs.
"actual displayed size" as being due to the
video driver.  Are you sure this is so, and
not a hardware issue?

I ask because this was one of my top two criteria
last year when I started shopping for my first
computer (laptop).  I wanted to run the family
album at full screen, which is 1280 x 1024 ("Super
XGA").  So I wanted a display at least that large
or, worst case, smaller with auto-scrolling
capability to reach 1280 x 1024.

Looking at models in stores, most name-brand
laptops did auto-scroll.  However, to my surprise,
HP's did not, which is why they were the first
name brand I eliminated.

I assumed the limitation was in their video card
and they used a less capable and assumedly
less costly card to keep the price down, expecting
that most customers wouldn't care about resolution
beyond 1024 x 768 (Super VGA).  If this limitation
was due to software, then surely a name like HP
would have had the driver loaded by default that
would auto-scroll through a virtual display that
was larger than the actual display could show at
one time.

Anyway, I ended up getting a Dell with a 1600 x
1200 display (Ultra XGA)  with autoscrolling
standard, so the issue became moot.  I'll really
be surprised if you're positive that auto-
scrolling is a software function (and therefore
is available in brands that can't demo it in


PS:  FWIW, a few months back I was perusing
current laptops at CompUSA and noticed the
newest Toshiba's are displaying 2400 x 1800.


Some video drivers allow for a "virtual desktop"
thatis much larger than the actual displayed size
and you can scroll about the desktop.

Check your video card drivers to see if that
option is offered.


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... 1024 X 780 ... makes reading the Family Album
stuff really easy, but only gives about  two thirds
of the whole screen.  Is there a way to "scroll"
about on the FA screen?

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