Samco hose GP

Joshua C smuckycat at
Mon Nov 18 10:29:54 EST 2002

I bought Samco's on the last GP in the early summer, talk to James Mc Murray
on the UrS4 board, he organized it.  From what I remember we had some real
PO'd vendors in the US over the GP and I belive Samco decided not to do any
further GP's.  But Talk to James, also they took us a LONG time to be built
(months!)  We had over 50 orders I belive and got the price to 185 for the
set, I think if you just order from Cheweys source you'd save a big hassle
and with shipping probably be as good a deal as you're going to get.

my 0.02$
Josh Cummings
Falmouth MA

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