our tranny in a V8? Does it fit?

AUDIJIM at aol.com AUDIJIM at aol.com
Sun Oct 20 13:20:04 EDT 2002

I believe that all of the Quattro transmissions fit onto just about any Audi
engine block. In fact, the transmissions fit VW and Porsche. I has read of a
UK Audi 80 Quattro (US 4000) with a Porsche 944 Turbo engine (Turbo 4 cyl.)

About the V8 and the transmission oil cooler, I believe it is over kill in
the typical German sense, to have that on a five speed road vehicle. Hell,
why stop there? Why not a rear diff oil cooler as well? For normal street
driving, I would say that the non-cooled manual trans is a safe installation.
But, the V8 5 speed trans is a monster if I recall. Maybe it is because of
the oil cooling, but it is the biggest trans I ever pulled when I worked for

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