CV boot replacement

Charles Baer charlie at
Mon Oct 21 19:29:47 EDT 2002

Wow, Stammler replaced those last two axle bolts I snarfed
right away!  I picked up my 22mm allen 1/2" drive at McGucks,
I was told it's the urS4 revision and was retrofitted to ours
so that's all I've been given since getting my 200s.

The lower control arm prevents the stub from escaping the hub
but maybe undoing the inner CV from the tranny (I decided dropping
the lower arm was easier) would free it ?

The preload adjustment was put there to take away from us the joy
of shimming the rack internals for proper pinion loading.  It can
cause drag if too tight but otherwise isn't meant to affect the
level of assist.


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> Subject: CV boot replacement
> Well after replacing my steering rack last weekend, I noticed the CV
> boot is split.  Can the entire axel shaft come out without
> removing the
> lower control arm from the strut housing?  Also the boot kit
> I picked up
> from the dealer has an Allen head axel bolt while the old
> bolt is a hex
> head.  Is this the new thing?
> Second, does the preload adjustment bolt on the steering rack
> affect the
> amount of power assist?
> Thanks
> Brian Link
> Boulder, CO

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