UFO retro-fit and random comments

Brennig, Rakesh (CORP, GEAccess) rakesh.brennig at geaccess.com
Fri Sep 27 11:32:12 EDT 2002

Has anybody had their ufo's changed to G60's AFTER the car's warranty
expired?  My car has 88.5k miles and I wonder if I might get AoA authorise a
retro-fit? My thinking is if the dealer originally would not use UFO's when
doing a warranty brake overhaul, then wouldn't there be a TSB or something
from AoA on this matter advising dealers?  Did any lister actually turn down
the offer of a retro-fit?

Right now my ufo's squeal terribly and I am trying to calculate their cost
of ownership and the cost to my pride. ;)  The head of the service dept at
the dealer remembers them as goofy saucer brakes...  Then yesterday at a
stop light a guy pulls up beside me in a early 90's BMW 3-series and says I
have a great choice in cars, but hey, do I have the ufo brakes?  My response
is thank you and yes.  Then just as the light turns he says "oh I'm sorry
for you man".  I turn left and he goes straight.  Maybe we should have raced
for honor's sake.

Rakesh Brennig
Boulder, CO

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