chipping 3B's

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Tue Apr 1 00:31:18 EST 2003

Hi Ken!

Yes, the "from" field email address is the Yahoo account I use for posting
from work as I don't want to subscribe with my work address... the network
admin would go crazy if he'd look at the logs on my address then :-) And
the reply-to is set to my usual address so I get all replies when I'm back
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Some more replies for you!

>Well, I was imagining that if someone had a chip that was working for a
>known configuration, say a stock 3B motor for example, it seems like the
>tables for that chip could be copied onto the tables of another chip for
>another stock car.

Yes and no. If both ECU types and original chip versions (or software
versions, written on the original chip's sticker) are the same, then it
will work, otherwise you can't be sure it will work optimally.

>Also, I guess if something like the exhaust manifold and turbo are
>upgraded (to RS2 for example), that if the software isn't remapped to take
>advantage of the new configuration that it will not necessarily be harmful
>since the software will still control parameters and keep them within the
>safety limits of the previous setup.  If anything, doing something like
>this will result in the new upgraded hardware being underutilized.  Would
>this be a correct statement?

Well, if you use software for a stock turbo and an RS2 turbo, chances are
high that you hit the "overboost fuel cut-off" at lower pressures than the
ones you were running the K24 turbo at, and that cut-off isn't pressure
related but rather air flow related instead, i.e. the limit is the max
allowed MAF value that's programmed in the fuel/timing chip, not a boost
value programmed in the boost chip. So an RS2 turbo and manifold on a stock
engine chipset might work but you might have to reduce boost so you don't
hit the cut-off all the time (it feels like a rev-limiter actually, except
it can happen at 3k RPM).

>I should have written "known maps".  By that I meant if someone had some
>maps that were for a known pressure transducer and fuel pressure and type
>of turbo, could those be copied onto another chip for a car configured
>similarly.  I think you have confirmed that this is possible, with the
>only caveat being the two cars need to be configured the same.

Yup, caveat emptor what I wrote earlier.

>I may be getting a 3.0 bar transducer ahead of actually chipping the car
>to make sure I have one to use.  For this reason, it would be nice if
>there are some folks that are using the 3.0 bar transducer in their
>setups, so I can ask some questions.

I'll let those who have one chime in. :-)

>I understand your point that U.S. tuners that can provide mapping for
>one-off configurations would be few or none.  I'm not as concerned about
>that at this stage.  My main concern is to know how important a 3.0 bar
>transducer is, and what "canned" software is established and available
>for  this sensor and a stock configuration.  Beyond that, perhaps an
>upgraded turbo and EM with the same sensor.

I dunno about the others but when it comes to my software, I don't mind
rescaling the maps in the boost chip for a 3.0 Bar transducer if someone
wants it.



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