BPV Symptom?

Richard Tanimura Richard at Tanimuras.com
Mon Apr 7 08:47:30 EDT 2003


Good stuff. I never even knew there was throttle cleaner. Geez, I bet you
are one of those guys who has 5 different kinds of toothpaste depending on
what you ate for dinner :-)

So brake cleaner is no-no? Also no lubricants?

BTW, I was amazed how much crud there was in the ISV and throttle. Is it
coming in from the IC or regurgitating from the intake manifold? Any


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>Clean both with carb cleaner. They tend to get gummed up.

FYI, use throttle cleaner, not carb cleaner(and NEVER brake cleaner.)
Throttle cleaner has some lubricant in it, carb cleaner doesn't.

Clean the throttle plate, inside of the throttle body, and the ISV
until you don't see any signs of oil gunk coming out.

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