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 There are a boat load of different part # s for CV joints of that size.
There are only about 5 different size CV joints of that type. Check the OD of
the joint. I think you'll find it to be 94mm, the same as many VW, Audi
inboard halfshaft joints. There's not a whole lot of vertical movement in the
center driveshaft, so just about any 94mm joint will work just fine. The
noise you are hearing is more than likely a dry front joint. The lube has
been cooked off from the cats. Long before doing a R+R on my gearbox, my
front joint was real tight, noisy, and presented a vibration at low speed,
heavy load.
I knew the trans would be coming out soon and I'd be doing a proper overhaul
on all the CVs, but this front joint needed something now. I just backed out
the six bolts and jammed some high temp grease on the front and back side of
the joint, done.
  We have had some cars come in for clutch work, center support bearing
replacement, and other jobs where driveshaft removal was required. On a few
of these jobs, the bolts on the driveshaft had been buggered up by someone,
were seized in place, or did not want to twist. The ugly tools came out and
CV boots were damaged. I'm sure you all know Audi does not sell these parts,
just complete driveshafts. The boots looked like something we had shelf over
in the fun corner of the workshop. The corner where I worked on my Formula
Ford. Same boot. We called this boot an "Areo Boot." I would get these boots
from a few places. Truechoice Motorsports 1 800 388-8783 Part # GKNMS6JOO2,
priced @ $20-$25.
Keister Racing Components 570 966-2330 Ask for Jimbo
          Hope this helps

            Bill Ferdon
            EuroTech Services LLC
            Montclair, NJ

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