Cooling System

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Wed Apr 9 15:48:27 EDT 2003

>I believe the proper thermostat is 87C. Why did you decide to use 80C?

Bentley lists both as acceptable.  My local stores had the 80C so I went
with it.  Absolute temp difference between the 2 is 12.6 degrees F. So not
big shakes I thought.
>>  the car >>is running markedly cool, even given cooler than normal
>>ambient for  >>this >>time of year.

>see above

I can see issues with warm up time etc., But, if you car runs, say 190 to
210% F., it matters little whether your thermos opens at 176 or 188, when
the engine is at operating temp the thermostat is wide open either way.  My
guess is that the rad temp switch would have a bigger impact on "running"
>Might be alright in an emergency, but otherwise--why?  Weight savings?

Less expensive hoses to buy, on my UrQ certainly more radiators to choose
from, less coolant to move/buy, better lower engine access,no rad to replace
if aux goes bad.  (this sort of drove my UrQ experiment)
and of course idle curiosity.

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