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Wed Apr 9 13:33:09 EDT 2003

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 If it ain't broke....... I've only booked @ 40k miles in my Avant. The car
is fairly "sorted out", all systems up to snuff. Have sat in NYC traffic for
hours, outside temps @ 100 +, AC blasting, ran across Penn. at 100mph + mid
summer and never saw any water or oil temps that would cause any sweat. Not
until a rather cool ride on a cool day, a great turbo day. Temps outside 55,
thick, damp, foggy, dense air. I was sitting at the gate at the bottom of Mt.
Equinox in southern Vt. I had made the run up many times in many different
German cars. As I said, it was a foggy day, not much point in driving up to
have a look at things, not much to see. I asked the gatekeeper if anyone had
gone up. Nope, said she. I was set, off we went. The road is a real blast to
drive up, you should check it out if you're ever in the hood. Coming down is
an other story. The locals reported some glowing UFO sightings that day.
Anyway, back to the point here. There is a long straight @ 3/4 the way up,
plenty of time to take a peek down at the gauges. Wow! Ain't never seen the
water and oil run'en that warm, maybe I should back out of it a bit,, naw, I
love this last part. Got to the top @ 3800ft, that engine was warm, real
warm. Leave that aux
 rad in place. Mine is.

                Bill Ferdon
                EuroTech Services LLC
                Montclair, NJ

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