Euro Headlight questions

Mike Stricker info4mjs at
Wed Apr 9 23:20:20 EDT 2003

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I have owned my 200Q for about a year and the low beams stopped working.  T=
he previous owner installed euro-headlights so I am trying to debug the sys=
tem.  It has 3 relays in the harness and all of them function although they=
 weren't in the best shape.  The small bulb or running light works as it sh=
ould and the high beams work when commanded, too.  The low beams do not com=
e on at all.

I checked some obvious things and there is voltage across fuses 10 and 11. =
 I also buzzed out the connector going to the lamp assembly and saw that tu=
rning the lows on does change what I measure on the connector.  Therefore, =
I know that the stalk switch is good and working.

My main question is can someone tell me what the 4 pin connector (on the la=
mp assembly) pin out is?  My other questions are; do the running lights sta=
y on when the high beams are on?  Does the low beam stay on when the high b=
eam is on?  It looks like the low beam bulb and high beam bulb are on when =
the highs are on.

Any help would certainly be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

West Hartford, CT

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