Cooling System

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Thu Apr 10 17:12:09 EDT 2003

 >  Mike,
>  Try this scenario. July, California, I-8, Westbound, 15 (?) miles at an
>+8 % >grade, A/C on, full throttle.

Extreme is good.  If it lives there it will live anywhere.
>  An extreme scenario? Of course it is, but thats the type of thing the
>engineers have to account for. Exactly what I didnt account for when I
>dropped a 400hp, 500ftlb, 460cid BB into a 77 Ford Futura and left the
>stock >302 radiator in place. For two years I never had a heat gain problem
>till I >tried that long uphill late one July afternoon. I had been cruising
>in excess >of 100mph since Yuma, outside temp a hair over 120, A/C
>blasting, no problems >at all. (except watching my fuel gauge race for E)
>  I have no doubt the stock 20v cooling system minus the aux can deal with
> >more than most owners will ever put it through but that was never the

That was EXACTLY the point.  I didn't suggest that anyone increase their
engine displacement by 31% and keep their stock cooling syst.  That seems
short sighted.  Anyone with Big Block experience knows better or soon will.
(Make mine a 429 or 455 please) Audi has/had a love affair with the 2 rad
system.  There is little doubt that they could have made a single efficient
enough to fit the bill, witness the Sport Q.  The 200 20V has a drive train
that will handle 400HP but almost never see 300 and it left the factory with
217.  I was wondering if there was that much over kill in the cooling
system, I will try to find out.

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