nissens / cooling ducts

DAK dak at
Sat Apr 12 15:50:22 EDT 2003

2 things...
Again, a nut on the bottom of my 2nd nissen's radiator broke! I worked
the two mounts in carefully, I got one bolt carefully in for the cooling
duct, started the last one (WD-40 applied), just started threading it in
and "tink", the damned thing snapped! I can't belive nobody else with a
Nissen's has seen this problem! Also, the lower port by the
thermo-switch was bent down. I managed to get that bent back. I was
going to inspect that more before install, but wanted to get the bottom
threads cleaned up first. Arrg!

2nd thing... If I didn't have the ducting bolted up to the radiator on
one side (near the engine), would that be much of a problem? I'm going
back to the garage to look for myself. I'm trying to decide if I should
send this back and just get the OEM unit, or try to make the best of it.

Any sage wisdom is welcome!


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