re. Intro and a couple questions(chip/mileage)

Matt twentyV matt_20v at
Mon Apr 14 10:02:22 EDT 2003

Update, I had some, um, cockpit problems with the
Vag-com software.  I used the "single reading"
button as that was the only one that actually
returned data.  The Basic Settings button (function
4) initially just said "channel not supported" as
I tried to enter 001-010.

The correct procedure is to use the function 4 button,
but the data is all on channel 0.  Hit the scrollup
channel button to inc. it to 001, then click the
scrolldown button back to 000.  Voila, 10 channels of

I have no idea what the numbers are that are returned
with the "single reading" button, they almost
resemble the channels 1-10 data, but not really.

Anyhow, the ox sensor channel 8 is doing its thing
and hovering around 128 as it should.  Channel 9
(ox sensor adaptation) is high- 160-ish vs. spec of
120-140.  Bentley suggests this could be caused by
an intake air leak.  I'll pursue that next oppty. to
log some garage time.  Getting closer to sorting out
this new engine, and learning a few things in the

Matt Rooke

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