Vag-Com measuring blocks channel 01 then 000

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Tue Apr 15 14:10:08 EDT 2003

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Good to see you know what's what.
I posted to Ross-tech for an explaination what they were but they're on
are they the Bentley values on Table D2 - 440 -1 in Volume #1?
Do you know how to assign values to Vag-scope?  ......for Graphing?
-Scott in BOSTON

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> Anyhow, the ox sensor channel 8 is doing its thing
> and hovering around 128 as it should.  Channel 9
> (ox sensor adaptation) is high- 160-ish vs. spec of
> 120-140.  Bentley suggests this could be caused by
> an intake air leak.  I'll pursue that next oppty. to
> log some garage time.  Getting closer to sorting out
> this new engine, and learning a few things in the
> process.
> Matt Rooke
> '91cq//20vt

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