Fuel injectors: clean or replace?

CL Wong montesawong at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 27 15:39:59 EDT 2003

After replacing my fuel pump recently due to 2 no
start incidents I've been enjoying the following
positive side effects:

-very good cold and hot starts
-no more fuel smell near passenger rear panel on a
full tank of gas
-increased power via seat-of-the-pants o-meter

I'm planning on taking a road trip with the family
minivan soon and the 200 will be unused for a week.  A
great time to pull the injectors and have them
cleaned.  So this brings me to the following question:

Are fuel injectors wear items that need to be replaced
at some mileage interval or can I have them cleaned
and use them for another 50k to 100k miles?

If they are wear items then I'll just save up for a
set and not bother getting these cleaned, if not I'll
pop them out and send them to maren... are these the
right guys?  (http://www.injector.com)

thanks in advance.


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