radiator install is done!

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Mon Apr 28 11:50:41 EDT 2003

Well my Lago's new AKG radiator is installed, filled and leak-tested,
at last. Everything went smoothly (thanks to write-ups by Peter and
Linus). The term "smoothly" allows for numerous pieces of flesh and
fingernails torn from my hands by the time the job was done. I did
manage to avoid removing the hydraulic pump, although--in
retrospect-- I believe that the time/effort invested in removing the
pump would be more than returned by the resultant easing of the
removal and refitting of hoses and the temp-sensor connector. I had
an especially hard time removing that connector--but finally did so
with help from an extra-long needle-nose pliers. In 2015, when the
next radiator work is scheduled, I'll plan to remove the pump. ;-)

Small benefits of the AKG unit: (1) it comes with a couple of shiny
fan-shroud clips, (2) your old rubber mounts thread in with great
ease, (3) the radiator carton is made of very durable German
cardboard, which should prove very useful for future episodes of
laying on the garage floor peering under the car.



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