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Hello, Am I imagining it or did I read somewhere that the 3B has a proper
"special" distributor rotor that is narrow at the contact but most places
sell the standard style that also fits ...?
If it's not a dream, does it make a difference?
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> I've misplaced my owners manual and just this weekend had a symbol appear
> my display that I've never seen before.  The symbol is of a round circle
> with a small "bump" directly on the top - with a big "X" across it.  I
> remember what the LOW oil pressure display looked like and this display
> image is not the same( dosen't have the off set journal "bump").  I had
> driven only about 1/4 mile from my home and the car had been running
> 2 minutes when I heard an audible "BEEP" and saw this symbol in the
> I glanced at the oil pressure gauge and had plenty of pressure but decided
> to immediately pull over and shut the engine off.  Waited a few seconds
> re-started.  It ran about 10 to 15 seconds and kicked out the same "BEEP"
> sound and displayed the same circle with the centered bump with an X over
> it.  I turned around and took it back the 1/4 mile to my home and parked.
> Can anyone look in your manual and tell me what that symbol is ?
> Thank you for your help.
> John Zimmerman
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