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Oh, forgot to add: the 3B injectors on stock fuel pressure are ok until 
about 340 HP, possibly a bit more depending on how good the fuel pump 
actually is, running them at 4.2 Bar (7A fuel pressure) allows one to get 
pretty close to 400 HP if everything else is done accordingly.



At 16:57 15/12/2003 -0500, Brett Dikeman wrote:
>At 9:46 AM -0700 12/15/03, Brandon Rogers wrote:
>>Hey guys-
>>...just been thinking recently...and I'm sure this topic has been 
>>discussed a few times..but I'm looking for performance comparisons 
>>between a stock motor with K24, chipped ~"stage III" (~20 psi boost, 2.5 
>>bar PT) and the same motor with RS2 EM, RS2 turbo, and applicable 
>>software.  Where (rpm) does boost come in strong on the RS2 set up, where 
>>does it fall off?  Is there more "punch" or is it more linear?  I'm not 
>>looking to do a full-on RS2 package, i.e. MAF, injectors etc etc, nor am 
>>I looking for comparisons from full blown RS2 modded motors.  Just 
>>contemplating EM, turbo and software.
>One of the chief complaints with the RS2 was "massive" turbo lag; the RS2 
>turbo is substantially larger.
>You'll see a few HP from the RS2 manifold(emphasis on "a few"), and the 
>RS2 turbo is more efficient at higher boost levels.  Even if boost levels 
>didn't change, you'll get more power due to lower charge air temps.  With 
>the RS2 turbo+manifold, I believe the restriction switches to fueling, 
>Corrections welcome...
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