Start problem HELP!!

Mihnea Cotet mik at
Wed Dec 24 14:59:10 EST 2003

Ummm, maybe the dizzy has spun outside the setting tolerances???



At 14:56 24/12/2003 -0500, JYDSK2 at wrote:
>Just broke the distributor gear, replaced it with brass one, cranked the car,
>started idled and revved up fine, walked around to open hood to check
>everything was bolted down....engine died. Has shown no signs of life 
>since. Checked
>coil. All fuses checked. I do believe to hear fuel pump hum after cranking. I
>do not get spark from coil. What the #$% did I do or what the #$% did it 
>do in
>the 30 seconds of idling?
>Any and all suggestions are greatly and immensely appreciated.
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