Avant roof Racks

Jack Walker jwalker at ivey.com
Fri Dec 12 15:05:24 EST 2003

Thule 415-Railing Foot pack, accepts the bars and I believe there is an adapter to use the Yakima bars as well, I wouldn't waste the time to do the Yakima bars on a Thule rack though, unless you already have the Yakima bars.

I used the Thule on my 91 Avant for over 4 years and now it's on my 95.5 Avant....
WORK GREAT !!! No additional pieces of tubing or anything else to fit the 91 roof rack. 
But if you use it on an newer Avant the factory rack is much lower to the roof and you cannot open the sunroof in the open from the back (tilt) position, the attachment of a box on the bars hangs down below the max upper position of the glass roof, unless you play with the box position a bunch.

Just in case, my 91 200 20V is for sale. Any body know of any new homes for it?

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