Germany help, BN-Pipes

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Thu Feb 13 14:10:13 EST 2003

Isn't the factory system stainless steel as well?  And if not, if prices are
similar, given that a factory system lasts over 12 years, why reinvent the
wheel?  I think in this instance, there's not much to be improved on from
the OE setup.

Derek P

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Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 08:29:28 -0500
To: 200q20v at
From: Steve Hackett <sbhack at>
Subject: Germany help, BN-Pipes

Any listers in Germany seen and heard a BN-Pipes exhaust system
The price, with shipping included, is almost exactly the OE price but the
system is stainless steel.  I had a Stebro system on 10v turbo once and it
was a little too loud, though nice sound.  BN-Pipes claims his mufflers are
larger so it will be a little quieter than Stebro.

Steve H.
Huntington, CT

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