Intermittent P/S

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Sun Jan 12 22:08:20 EST 2003

The pressure relief valve is in the pump, not the rack.  I don't know what
the relief setting is, but rest assured that it is much higher than is
required for normal power assisted steering.  To not subject the high
pressure rack rod seal to this pressure, do not turn and hold the rack
against its' stops!


> From: Scalmanini Steve <sscalmanini at>
Big snip.
> PS to Bernie: the guy at ZF mentioned in passing
> in our conversation today that when the rack was
> at either maximum end of travel, an overpressure
> relief valve would kick in to limit the pressure
> on the seals that so commonly fail.  That was the
> first I'd heard of this valve so I thought I'd pass
> it along.

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