why won't my car sell????? - Reality training

David Head v8q at bellsouth.net
Sat Jan 25 19:30:31 EST 2003

I'm going to look over a pristine pearl/black 91 V8q with 74K next week
with my son. I've known the car from a distance for years. The owner
just did the timing belt and headliner. An older gentleman who has kept
the car in great condition since he bought it locally in '92. He wants
at least $7K for it - I doubt seriously if I'll offer a dime over $6K...

Why? Several reasons:
1 - the car will still need $700-800.00 to bring it up to speed. I've
yet to buy a car that 'needs nothing' - I don't believe such a thing
exists in an Audi over 5 years old...
2 - Its still a car that is 11 years old.
3 - I already know the dealer only offered him $3K for it and he wants
to buy a new A8.
4 - I'm a cheap basterd, I'm not in a hurry and I know the market in
Orlando. I'm the best offer he'll get.

For my to spring more than $5 or 6K for a 91 200q, I would have to know
the guy personally, it would need RS2 parts and little or no track time.
There are too many 93-94 S4s out there...

Audi Sport wrote:

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>I've sold enough  cars not to need a reality check. I never expect to get paid
>for my modifications, eveyone who's into cars knows they won't get their money
>out of them. I'm just trying to get a fair price for my car and I'm sorry but
>6000 is not cutting it.

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