Hydraulic Pump Rebuild

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 10 13:05:54 EDT 2003

> >
> > And as to what's leaking, it was really hard to tell what was leaking
> > previously.  It was either one of the caps on the under side of the
>pump, or
> > the shaft seal.  By the time I got the hoses disconnected, and the pump
> > it got so covered with oil that evidence of source had been completely
> > obscured.
>Only you ahave allowed it to become obscured.  Ever hear of Gunk?

Well, the engine was fairly clean, and a good assumption, however if it was
a leaking cap on the bottom, or a leaking shaft seal, given the limited
visibility, I believe even a previously "Gunked" engine/pump would obfuscate
the source.  And when I said "source obscured," I'd meant (and specified)
that it happened when the pentosin lines where removed and overflow from the
lines spilled on the pump, not from huge amounts of time in negligent/dirty

>A bianmual wash down of the engine and full underside will allow you to
>effectively monitor all new leaks, assuming that you have fixed the all in
>the past.

Yep, and between monitoring the reservoir, and looking for leaks at oil
changes, that's how I was able to confirm to Houston that we had a problem.
But bi-annual, that almost sounds to me as "fat-time syndrome" (see below).

As it where, I'm pretty sure it was the shaft seal leaking based upon what I
could tell from previous inspection.  Contrary to advice, I went to a shop
and had them press on and off the flange; some of the external sides of the
seal (ie o.d. of seal) did look to be oiled.  I also figured, since I had
all the parts for the same price as some of the parts, might as well replace
the lot.  We'll call this "fat-time syndrome," a correlary to "fat wallet
syndrome."  As I had the time now, and the materials to replace everything,
why wait till tomorrow when I might have neither.  I'm with you to a

> >
> > I imagine using some pentosin on the seals should suffice as a
>Hell NO!!.

Too little too late, reassemebled at this point with pentosin lube.  We'll
see what happens in the next day or two when the car is reassembled.  I'll
be wearing safety glasses!

Derek P

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