RS2-ing 3bs-WAS RS2 Software Sources and Comments

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The mention of putting it in an urq hooked me, so I'll add my $.02 as an
RS2-ish 3b'ed urq owner.

-The RS2 turbo and EM are nice pieces and well worth the $$ from a
performace perspective, IMO. I also have the RS2 airbox/MAF, but I'm not
sure if it's really necessary

-That said, I would strike the RS2 cam, injectors, fpr from the shopping
list. Several 4.0 bar fpr options (including the n/a 20v fpr or a
modified 3b fpr) exist at much less cost. Why not the cam or the
injectors? Unless you are planning on adding di$tributorle$$ ignition
and $trengthening engine internals, trying to extract more than about
300-325 hp is a risky proposition with the 3b if you want it to last for
years to come. At these power ranges, the injectors and cam simply are
NOT the limiting factors. My car runs 4.0 bar fp 21.5 psi IA stage III+
programming with 3b stock from intake hose to exhaust ports, and those
that have driven it can tell you it feels VERY powerful-until the
heat-soak sets in. If you want to make one of these engines very
respectible in the power department, the following items will yield the
best bang for the buck once you've added the RS2 turbo and EM, IMHO:

-IA Stage 3+ programming-tried and true with no engine mods, passes
smog, say no more.
-Mandrel bent 3" exhaust
-BIGGER intercooler with proper ducting (keep "cooled" charge temps
under 100F)
-4.11 gearset (urq application)
-AAN oil windage tray/metal geared distributor/excellent condition
distributor hardware (safety items)

If you've done these things and your 200q still isn't fast enough for
you, I think you should think seriously about getting a different car.
Seriously folks, its a 2.2 liter engine moving an ENORMOUS (albeit
lovely) car. For it to be moderately fast while maintaining excellent
longevity is a miracle of design in itself.

If you've done these things to a 3b in your urq with short gears and it
still isn't fast enough for you, well, you're just nuts and you should
probably seek professional help.

Hope this rant was at least some use to somebody

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I will be interested in the same, since my 3B will be getting the same
treatment before it is installed into the urq.

Mike Sylvester
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> Hi,
> I am contemplating upgrading my 3B engine to RS2 specifications.
> i.e. RS2 turbo, MAF, injectors, exhaust cam and fuel pressure
> I know of high quality sources of software for the AAN engine but
> know who would be the best source for 3B software. I would be
> in hearing from anyone running RS2 level hardware on their 3B. Is a 3
> sensor is required or a 2.5 bar?


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