oil in #5

Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Sun Mar 2 18:14:28 EST 2003

Any ideas how I can fill the spark plug hole with oil in #5 cyl.? When I
remove the spark plug wire, the bottom 4 inches of it are literally dripping
oil. Plug also has some oil on the tip but is not 100% oil fouled. Car seems
to run OK when not under load. I just drove 575 miles avg'ing 75ish and the
only time it would miss was when climbing a hill/passing. Fuel economy down
slightly to 23ish. Still pulls full non-chipped boost. Looks like oil
consumption for the trip was about a pint - wife said car smelled "hot"
whenever we stopped. The spark plug was not loose.

Seems to me there must are two problems. 1) Oil getting past the rings
and/or 2) oil getting past the spark plug seal.

Ideas/Comments are most welcome.

mike miller
helmville mt, now in the seattle area.

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