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Tue Mar 4 07:40:09 EST 2003

Greg, Brett,

I somehow feel guilty for having "abused" of the list
in organizing the group purchase for my own ECU chip
mod, I know this isn't really cool or whatever you
want to call it. Anyway, I'm not Postupak and I think
some listers know me well enough so they know I'm not
the kind of guy to do a list group scam.

However, I think the group purchase I've been putting
together is in the listers' interest, mine as well but
it's not like I was selling some other guy's stuff and
making profit on someone else's work.

As far as I'm concerned, part of the profits from the
group purchase will go to Dan and the remaining money
will be used for further investment in development
material, not for having some nice holidays with my
wife in the Carribean sea or whereever/whatever.

Now about my goals, I've started making these chip
tuning mods because I couldn't afford the big names
tuners' mods and I didn't agree to spend huge money n
mods that have been done years ago and that have now
become a generic mod.

I also didn't agree with the others' way of seeing
things and their mods as many ECU upgrades provide a
downgrade in fuel economy (well, some of them don't,
don't get me wrong) and as fuel is very expensive in
Europe, it was my first concern to obtain better
economy before better performance, though I've
achieved both in one shot.

I think reselling my own mods that work great on my
car and on some friends' for a ridiculous price
compared to the famous US tuners isn't such a bad
idea, though I agree maybe I'm not doing it the best

I'd be very interested in seeing some rules for such
group purchases in the future because it's true that
for the time being, there are none and everyone does
as they want (me included), which isn't the best
thing, agreed.

Best regards and keep me posted,


--- Greg Johnson <gregsj2 at> wrote:
> Brett,
> Many thanks for the clarification.  Your thoughts
> parallel mine.
> Greg
> Brett Dikeman wrote:
> > At 9:35 PM -0800 3/3/03, Greg Johnson wrote:
> >
> >> Query:  has the rule regarding retail selling on
> this list for one's own
> >> personal gain changed?   I don't mean the
> occasional Car FS stuff, but
> >> the group buy selling of parts.
> >
> > It's late and I'm in a rush, but here goes
> nothing...
> >
> > If it's in your interests, it has no business
> here.  If it's in the
> > interests of listers(like, say, steeply discounted
> prices via group
> > purchase for something we all can use for our
> 200q20v's), then that's
> > an entirely different ballgame.
> >
> >   It sounds 'self'(list) serving, and it is.  This
> list is for helping
> > owners, not providing people with a free place to
> sell products;
> > especially when I was running the list off my own
> hardware and
> > internet connection, I really didn't see how
> anyone had any business
> > making money off my effort and $.
> >
> > It becomes tricky when the person organizing the
> group buy is the
> > person also doing the selling- it doesn't happen
> all that often(that
> > I've known of), and I think that runs an extremely
> fine line if/when
> > it does.  It happened very recently, and I won't
> discuss it further
> > except to say that it seriously pushed the limits
> of what I consider
> > acceptable.
> >
> > The whole thing can be rather tricky and to be
> honest there's no solid
> > way to define a lot of this stuff.  If any lister
> ever has any doubt
> > in their mind on the whole no-commercial-postings
> policy, they can
> > email me, Chris(c1j1miller at, or
> Dan(dans at
> >
> > The whole Postupak incident has left me with a
> very bitter taste in my
> > mouth.  For the most part from what I can tell the
> 'damage' was
> > limited in scope, but in my view it's only a
> matter of time before a
> > whole lot of listers get screwed on a 'group
> purchase' that turns into
> > a 'group scam', or maybe just things aren't
> organized well and people
> > get burned somehow as a result even though
> intentions were honest.
> >
> > I've been too busy with a few projects to spend a
> lot of time thinking
> > about this, but I think we might have to establish
> at least a few
> > ground rules on group purchases.
> >
> > B
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