3B tranny same as MC-2 tranny?

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5kq/4kq 016awd transmissions can be retrofitted into the late 200 or the late
90/80 chassis.  For the 200tq (89-91) you need 5ktq 016 trans, driveshaft
(torsen housing is longer) and rear diff (5ktq is 3.89, 200 are 4.11).  For
the 4kq into 80q/90q you need only the driveshaft and rear diff from a 4kq.
All clutch components interchange, but you do need the early style clutch
slave (pin mount -early vs bolt in mount - late).  You will also need to
accomodate the center locker, the easiest one to deal with is the later style
gen 1 with the mount and rod above the right side axle.  The rear diff
actuation on ALL gen 1 and gen II (torsen) are interchangeable.

Do remember too, that in the procon 10 systems you lose the cable loop above
the trans, and that's not upgradeable, so you need to delete the wire

The input shaft is different on the non turbo 016, than the turbo 016, but I
haven't seen a failure because of it.


Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning
Chicago IL

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You beat me to it with the same/similar question.  Can I retrofit the
drivetrain from my '87 5ktq avant into the 200 20v tq avant, if I
wanted to do something insane like that?

Any comments on advantages, disadvantages, no-nos,

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