[torsen] Re: [urq] Re: 3B tranny same as MC-2 tranny?

Shayne thequattroking at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 5 10:41:17 EST 2003

While we are on this topic, someone told me the 90q has a hollow carbon
fiber drive shaft.  Seems a bit exotic to me, but I am curious if there is
any truth to this.  My guy says no.


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>> For the 200tq (89-91) you need 5ktq 016 trans, driveshaft
>> (torsen housing is longer) and rear diff (5ktq is 3.89, 200 are 4.11).
> You do not need a different driveshaft BTDT on Ur-q.  016 locker to 016 torsen
> are the same length.  Ur-q driveshaft fit both trannies no problem.
>> For the 4kq into 80q/90q you need only the driveshaft and rear diff >from a
>> 4kq.
> 4kq and 80q/90q both have 4:11 ratio so why would you change the rear diff????
>> The input shaft is different on the non turbo 016, than the turbo 016, but I
>> haven't seen a failure because of it.
> The front driveshaft flanges are also different size between 4kq and 5ktq/200
> 016.

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