Message: 15 - Personal Gain Retail Selling

John Zimmerman quickdeuce at
Thu Mar 6 16:02:52 EST 2003

Message: From: Mihnea Cotet
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 07:40:09 -0800 (PST)

Subject:  Personal Gain Retail Selling

Even tho I'm not interested at this time to chip our AUDI (stock config is
fine with me :o]), and perhaps my opinion isn't worth squat. However, I feel
compelled to post (FWIW) my opinion on this matter.   Since seeing Mihnea's
first post regarding the chip he's developed ( and perhaps he "may" have
sent a note to the managers asking for their input before posting his ad ?),
I did not for one second believe he had/has any intention what-so-ever to
SCAM the list and that his intentions were/are totally above board, genuine,
fair and honest.  He's been a list member for a long time,, and the
information and input - before and since - his advertising the chip he's
developed has always been nothing less than helpful and contributary to the
list as a whole.
I say:   Mihnea Cotet,, good luck to you Sir,, and "if" I ever decide I'm
ready for, and up to the task of dealing with the challenges modifying our
200 will surely present,, YOUR chip will be my first choice - period.  Thank
you for listening.

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