3B tranny same as MC-2 tranny?

ben swann benswann at comcast.net
Thu Mar 6 12:52:48 EST 2003

[Luckily per the original poster question on type 44 models, this
torsen to locker swap is mucho simpler.

Scott Justusson]

I take that to be my enquiry of retrofitting '87 5000 tqa drivetrain
into 200 20v tqa.  That drivetrain was tight and in perfect shape, and
just had new synth in both trans and rear diff - done correctly by the
local dealer "Criswell" who I highly recommend to anyone in the
Annapolis area.

About the Procon 10 - can I retain this?  Level of difficulty?

I may consider doing this retrograde sometime down the line if I keep
the car.  Don't want to start hacking things up 'til I determine which
car will become my beater and which to be my luxury bullit train and
which to be my fun around the town car - at least one will have to go
after I get the soon to be aquired '88 pearl tqa roadworthy with the
goodies transplanted from the '87 pearl misfortune.

So like all potential projects, just like to learn as much as I can way
before any work is done.  It does sound like, if I keep the 20v turbo,
I may actually do the locker swap.  I do like the potential the 200 20V
tqa offers, with better appointment.  There are some items like
drivetrain and steel reinfored knee bars that are not necessarily
better for the performance driver who like to tow an occasional boat or
heavy load.

Thanks for the good discussion so far without getting into too much
heated debate on pros and cons of T*Rs*n vs. Other - it really does
seem to be a matter of personal preference and driving style, which in
my case sways me to the Gen-1 locker setup.



p.s. If anyone is interested, I will be happy to entertain offers on
one of mine: '88 pearl 5000 tqa(soon), or '85 4000 q "black snow
beater" or possibly even the near perfect silver 200 20V avant -
prepared to your level of perfection, as one of these will need to go
sooner or later.  All will be MD insp. and more importantly, pass my
level of A.R.  Project GTQ silver '85 4kq is still my wifes and a
keeper - most reliable car we've ever had!

p.p.s. Sorry for long winded posts - just like to aire my thoughts,
keeping in mind possibilities others may be interested in - just like
to keep good things going, but can't keep all my toys!

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