3B tranny same as MC-2 tranny?

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Fri Mar 7 14:42:40 EST 2003

> This would remove a level of safety - No?  Doesn't this control the
> front seat belt activation?

It is the "first response" system for the front seatbelts.  They have
the usual inertia locks, but the pro-con-ten cables go to the seat belt
spools and lock them instantly if the tranny is pushed backwards an inch
(?) or so.

> Could a boss be welded on?  I guess I'll have to look into this in more
> detail - didn't pay any attention to what PROCON-10 is until I got the
> 200 20v tqa.

Argh, I have no pix from when my tranny was out, but I seem to recall a
big rounded cable holder thing that was integral with the tranny casing,
and a steel plate or something that bolts on after the cable is in place
and stops it from falling out.

I doubt if you can kludge this.  If you can't, you might as well remove
the big steel things bolted to the underside of the body that route the
cables to save weight.

You will have the safetly level of the pre-PCT seat belts.

I don't think those cables do anything else, at least, they didn't seem
to on the 90Q I dismantled.  It sounds fromt he literature like they
should also yank the steering column forward, but there was no interface
like that.  The bigger cars might be different.

>>Having just done a clutch in a 91 200tq, I can tell you that there
>>is no way > to keep p10 with an 016 trans swap.  That bracket is
> unique to the > later > style transes, there is no bosses to even think
> about it on a 016.

>>>About the Procon 10 - can I retain this?  Level of difficulty?

Huw Powell



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