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I have a friend with a 89 200 10v and one difference is the RPM redline
indication.  I believe the 10v was 6,500, whereas the 20v is higher

Also, I am looking here at a Euro S2 poster, which should have the same gauge
layout of the 90 and they are totally different.  The 200 20v has the
auxillaries within the cluster.  The 90 10v, on the other hand have the
auxillaires in the center console.

I couldn't remember if you were trying to use a 90 or 200 10v cluster.  Hope
this helps.


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Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 18:59:38 -0500
Perhaps no one has the information you seek. I've never heard of anyone
using a 10vt instrument cluster in a 20vt, but I don't KNOW that no one has
ever done it.
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>Hi list
>just curious to know how come every time I put a question out there
>seems to respond ?Am I asking to dumb of questions or what,I thought
>list was supposed to help each other or is that just for the
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