Timing belt preperation

Mike Sylvester mike.sylvester at att.net
Fri Mar 14 16:17:42 EST 2003

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I replaced the VC gasket on Keith Bedard's car and didn't need to remove the Intake Manifold.
I believe only the throttle body needed to come off.

Mike Sylvester


Fairly simple.  As I remember, the only catch is you need to remove the
Intake manifold, so make sure you have a new gasket on hand.  AND...be
careful retorqueing.  Those bolts that hold on the valve cover are made of
silly-putty I believe.  They break very easily!

I used a torque wrench set to factory spec, and still twisted several to
their demise, and my cursing frustration.  Same applies for the bolt/nuts
that hold on the spark plug wire cover.

Derek P

b)valve cover(noticed it, thought it was a trickle, but according to
Eli, "It's pretty sizeable, and we don't really know what's involved
to get in there..."  Reassured him it was a 'weekend project' for me,
I'd take care of it, other listers had said it wasn't hard, etc.
That does explain the puddle that I thought was the Fumoto
valve(well, the fumoto leaks too, another story, another time.)

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