Spring/Summer Hotel Travel Tip

Sat Mar 15 10:28:57 EST 2003

I just had to make some reservations for a trip out west to San Francisco and Reno and found
something that I thought might be helpful enough to send out to the list.

Hotels.com is a great website for getting information on what's available...

However, in each case when I went directly to the indicated hotel and logged on as a "stranger" as
opposed to a member of the "Hotel Club" (or what have you, Marriott Rewards etc), I was able to get
a lower rate with MUCH less restrictions, and no fees for a timely cancellation.  For example, a
three night stay at the Hilton at hotels.com for $165 with a $20 fee for ANY changes and VERY
restrictive and expensive cancellation fees turned out to be $145 at Hilton's own site and I can
cancel right up to the day of arrival.  In another case, a "Special Deal" offered for conference
attendees at $109 could be had for $45 by going directly to the hotel's web site.  When logging on
as a Hotel "club member" the rates were frequently higher (I guess they figure you're sold already).

By the way, anyone that figures they owe me a punch in the nose, or a beer, can find me at
Fisherman's Pier enjoying an Anchor Steam and a Dungeness Crab at around lunch time on April 22nd.
With any luck I might repeat that scenario the evening of April 28th.

That's it for today's off topic information.

Safe Travels...

-Royal aka 16RoT

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