[urq] Denver Driving

Bruce Bell bbell at surview.com
Thu Mar 20 12:48:08 EST 2003

I had the pleasure of driving from DIA to Colorado Springs in a rental car
Wed. afternoon after they closed the airport. I understand they closed C-470
right after I passed then restricted I-25 south to Colorado Springs. I made
it in the front driver Grand Prix though there were many SUV's buried in the
snow on the side. The real danger was, as you mentioned the ruts and the
wind, which threw the car side to side. I relaxed with both hands on the
wheel and just concentrated on balancing the car as if I were gimbeling a
cup of hot coffee. I'd have preferred driving any one of my quattros (urq,
4kq, A4, 200tq) for this trip.  I don't think they would have saved much
time on this 5 hour trip for which I'd normally budget 1 1/2 in heavy
traffic. It was so nice to pick up the 200tq at the COS airport and turn on
the seat heater for the last 50 miles home. Those roads were brutal.


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