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Fri Mar 21 10:19:15 EST 2003

Greetings from northern europe, Finland to be more precise. Front wheel
drive I can't stand, but what's been said about RWD is true, up to a point.
My first car, a LADA 1200 S could go places where Volvos or Saabs would've
been stuck till spring. Narrow tires and good ground clearence gave that
little bugger the edge it needed over those quality cars. Now that I've had
my 200 q 20v for a year, I wouldn't trade for any two wheel driven car. Very
satisfying to help my boss's new Volvo S80 from snow with "old Audi". I've
been using Nokian Q winter tyres (215/55-16) and found them to be a
excellent choice. Just the power of  my Audi creates probs. MTM chipped
producing 270 bhp, 470 nm (346 lb-ft) makes the all four wheels slip quite
easily on icy roads.
Quattro and you're going places ;)

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>Ever been to Sweden???  Snow and ice yeah.  But that country is FLAT, FLAT,
>FLAT.  They have no need for AWD.  Having lived in the NW, I will tell you
>that a RWD CAN'T go (even with tires and trac control of some kind)
>everywhere my quattro can go.  For winter, I will drive my quattro over my
>Shayne P.
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> > So next time you're talking about the extreme superiority of Quattro
> > think about the 2 wheel drives with great tires and limited slip
> > differentials.  They can go almost if not anywhere our beloved Audis can
> >
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