A/C Drain Lines

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sat Mar 22 13:54:13 EST 2003

There are two drains, John.

There's the big honker that drains the area covered by the rain
"diverter".  It has a very short teat that hangs down above the
tranny.  The bottom of that one folds in on itself, kind of like accordian
folds, so it's easy for leaves/pine needles, etc. to plug it up.  You can
snake something like an electrician's wire into it from above with the
diverter removed and some mirrors to provide guidance.  It's located near
the front firewall sort of between the heater core box and the evaporator
box, almost below the plenum that runs between them.

The other drains the evaporator box itself.  It's a much smaller tube that
passes through the floor of the well covered by the rain diverter several
inches toward the passenger fender from the larger tube.  It hangs toward
the passenger side beside the tranny, I believe.  I've never traced down
its end.  Someone here last summer discovered he could slide weed whip cord
into that tube to get moisture to flow out when the evaporator iced up and
thawed.  The smaller tube probably gets plugged with pollens or small

If you can hear water sloshing around, I'll bet the larger drain is plugged.

At 11:37 AM 03/22/2003 -0500, corbishley wrote:
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>Hi Folks:
>The 200 appears to have some sort of obstruction in the a/c drainage
>mechanism.   Keep getting wet foot when turning right and can hear the
>water sloshing around.
>I'm still stuck here in S.Fl with limited place to work on the car and
>most of my tools in storage.  I have looked at the Bentley and see the
>drain lines identified on 87.10.  Looks like I need to discharge the a/c
>and remove the evaporator  housing to get at the lines, which appears to
>be a PITA.
>Can you please point me at the quickest and easiest way to get at them
>because this has become a real problem now that "summer" has arrived -
>high 80s and humid these last two weeks.  Perhaps I can find where they
>discharge and attempt to clear them from below?
>John Corbs
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