K24 cold side

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Mon Mar 31 10:36:17 EST 2003

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Hi all-
I recently (~2k mi ago) had a K24 rebuilt for my urq.  I want to use this n=
ewly rebuilt turbo on my 3B motor (which is going in the urq) but yesterday=
 I realized a difference.  The 3B K24 has a nipple on the cold side housing=
 for a hose, where my turbo from the urq does not.  I see the place where i=
t would mount, but it's just a boss-no cap screw or anything.  So is it pos=
sible to simply swap cold side housings, or does that open up the internals=
 and require actual turbo knowledge and skills?

Thanks for any input.



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