Banjo Bolt R&R and Mechanic Prices

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Thu May 1 21:14:00 EDT 2003

Something to remember:    whether the mechanic works on a A4 or a 200tq
his time is money and he deserves to be paid.
What  you are  getting is the experience to get the job done. The age
and value of a auto does not make it cheaper to work on.
I used to own a bicycle shop and continually had to explain to customers
that a repair is the same whether it is on a $2K bike or a Wal Mart special.
Most of the time the crappy bike took longer to fix and needed to be
charged more.
This list allows us to attempt to do the repairs required on the finicky
beasts we chosen to drive and sometimes it is necessary to pay the piper
to do a job outside our abilities.

91 200tq Avant Slowly getting sorted out, but with new 16" V8 wheels!!!!!

Rakesh Brennig wrote:

>The final report of installing the high pressure hydraulic hose (pump to
>rack) is in:
>1h 30min to R&R the hose -- $102
>Engine Wash -- $20
>The normal time to RR this hose is 1 hour so - 30 extra minutes to deal with
>a damaged bolt is accecptable.  I had though envisioned taking a skilled
>mechanic no more than an hour to do this.  I am just glad to no longer be
>lubricating parking lots with Pentosin. The engine wash was pricey and not
>needed.  When I pointed this out the mechanic removed it from my bill.
>Boulder has such a high concentration of Audi's and three or four excellent
>Audi specialists, that I am assuming the market clears to a fair price -
>just a terribly high price with respect to the value of a 200. Now if I had
>an A4 the shop rate would be in a better perspective.
>Thanks again to you list stalwats.
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