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Thu Nov 20 15:09:11 EST 2003

"Have you replaced the thermostat recently? Often times these cars run
too cool and this will cause a drop in mileage. The 87 C
thermostat should always be used as well as the standard temperature
Radiator fan switch, the lower temp fan switches will also
cause a drop in mileage. The winter oxygenated fuel will also cause a
slight drop in mileage, as will a slow responding O2 sensor that needs
replacing, but yours should be ok.  Around town mileage should be around
18-20 MPG if you are easy on the throttle, sustained highway travel at
65MPH should give 24-26MPG."

The O2 sensor was replaced when I bought the car, around a year ago?
And tested.  You can double check that with a vagcom, but odds are it's
fine, as I showed you from the inspection report the emissions are
extremely low.

> Also, I didn't realize I'd get so much feedback from this thread, as I
> was replying to another.  I certainly am not complaining - just being
> proactive.

No worries, I've got nothing to hide. :)

> Thanks again - and don't forget to hitch a ride when you are down this
> way - perhaps at a better time when there are lots of crabs and beer.

Sure, I'm always up for a good beer.  Never had crabs before :)

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