IC cluster funkiness

benswann at comcast.net benswann at comcast.net
Fri Sep 5 14:28:31 EDT 2003


Right, I had posted earlier the followup (or foolowup in this case).  The alt
had indeed dropped its belt.  AC was soon to follow.

> Ben,
> IME, yesterday, you second set of bulb wierdness is from poor charging.  Did
> you happen to note your voltage reading at the time?  I went through a good
> sized puddle yesterday and got exactly those lights, ABS, Batt, Brake, with
> the ABS being intermittant.  I also noticed no charge condition from volt
> meter.  Got home, confirmed no charge and pulled the alt.  Dry, brushes fine
> but bench tested at 11.5 volts, maybe toasted a diode.  New alt going in
> today. (not bad, FLAPS Bosch remanned replacement, life warrantee, $188)
> Mike
> From: @comcast.netbenswann
> I have had the symptoms of the faulty printed circuit board connection in
> the
> Instrument cluster on my '91 200 20V tqa, including high beam and indicator
> lights glowing.  This has been intermittant and acts up mostly with high
> humidity.  I had planned on getting around to repair, but has not been
> priority.
> Just today I had a different sympmtom pop up - the alt, ABS off, and brake
> warning lights light just after starting and dont go out, as if the engine
> stalled, but everything else is OK and no other problems other than the
> warning
> lights.  Is this another symptom related to the same or adjacent PC board
> problem, or is this an entirely new problem?
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