Proper Tool to Drain Gearbox

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Mon Aug 9 19:15:35 EDT 2004

Phil's message sent me to my tool box. In my VW days I bought a combo 
wrench that a 17mm hex on one end and a 21mm box on the other end.
One for the transmission and one for the oil drain plug.    PN# S5902

Phil Rose wrote:

> At 10:43 AM -0400 8/8/04, Phil Rose wrote:
>> At 6:22 PM -0400 8/7/04, The Corbs wrote:
>>> Looks like a 17mm allen key.  Couldn't find one locally so tried to 
>>> make a
>>> tool using bolt and nuts.
>>> Found that the plugs have been screwed in so tight that the nuts 
>>> keep coming
>>> loose before the plug.
>>> Any tricks or source for the right tool?
>> I bought mine when a Snap-On truck was making its rounds at a local 
>> auto repair shop. However I don't seem to find the tool listed in the 
>> their on-line catalog. I had also tried your "nut and bolt" 
>> approach-- unsuccessfully.
> Here's the pertinent Snap On info:
> Stock                                 Number  CPT110A
> Name
> Socket, VW Transmission Drain Plug (17mm external hex, 3/8" drive)
> Price **  $14.20

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