How Much Oil Do you Use?

Brett Dikeman brett at
Fri Jan 16 13:33:51 EST 2004

At 9:51 AM +0200 1/16/04, Jonas Majauskas wrote:
>On Thu, 15 Jan 2004, Derek Pulvino wrote:
>>  The cost for the work would buy a lot of oil.  Assuming consumption stays
>>  constant, and based on a conservative $500 cost from the machine shop, at 2$
>>  a quart, it would take oh, about 375k miles to break even.  Any other beny's
>>  from head work?  Maybe I'll get a leak down test to pinpoint culprits.
>Don't forget O2 (oxygen) sensor cost - AFAIK it does not like burned oil,
>so you may need to replace it much more frequently.

Don't forget deposit buildup on the exhaust valves, reduced effective 
diameter of the exhaust, catalytic converter damage, and 
carbonization in the combustion chamber(which leads to hot spots and 
raised compression, which leads to higher octane requirements or 
greater knocking danger).  Not to mention pollution.

I'd say that the "ignore burning oil" advice is rather poor.

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safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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